Google Developers (Zombies)

Google developers is the latest web, mobile, and social breakthroughs and you can meet developers who are turning them into tomorrow's educational tools.  I do not know a lot about coding or how to make these things that can be my calculator, but other people are making these and I turn them in to educational tools in the classroom.

A latest blogpost by a google developer are 3D graphs you can use in calculus.

Another link is the share your story from google developers which I look at sometimes about what inspires these people to develop tools and sites.

I saved the best for last which is the showcase of google tools, which are different sites and games you can use in your classroom.

My personal favorite is at the bottom of the page where you can place yourself in google streetview and have zombies chase you up and down your street.  Which is appropriately named zombie streetview apocalypse.  The link is here:

Students love Zombies, especially learning about zombies.  Here is a blog dedicated to teaching geography through zombie-based learning. You can read about it here:

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