Blogging in Math

Get students in charge of their own learning.  If you are at a school with one-to-one laptops, why not have your students start a math blog.  There are multiple ways you can use an individual students blog to create and inspire students in the classroom.  Listed below are just a few ways you can use blogging in the math classroom.

  1. Shows parents what their students are doing in the classroom.
  2. Shifts students from consumers of knowledge to producers.
  3. Collaboration: students can subscribe to other students and comment.
  4. Students can pose questions to other students, participating in a virtual conversation.
  5. Helps students writing, I have been blogging for a year and my writing has exponentially grown.
  6. One student can summarize the daily notes.
  7. Highlight best work or best student blog of the week.
  8. Students can photograph classroom resources.
  9. Students can photograph classroom activities.
  10. Students can photograph homework, homework answers, review questions.
  11. Have professional development with the students.
  12. Students increase reading skills and vocabulary.
  13. Teachers get to monitor students writing and commitment.
  14. Students see digital citizenship firsthand.
  15. Students can create a podcast.
  16. Connect the classroom to the world.
  17. Students can create their own videos and teach their own lessons.
  18. Teachers are documenting the learning process.
  19. Students get authentic feedback.
  20. Students can write reflections of other blogs.
  21. Students can post other resources they find.
  22. Students can think about their thinking.
  23. Blogs become a hub for learning artifacts.
  24. Students may become lifelong writers.
  25. Students can find other blogs that are useful.
  26. Great for projects.
  27. Great for journaling progress.
  28. Easy way to upload homework online.
  29. Students can do their own research.
  30. Students can find their own real world examples.
  31. Students can embed their own web 2.0 tools.
  32. Students can collaborate with other blogs.
  33. Many, many, other examples.
If you can think of any more examples, please comment below.

Here a few resources I had:

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