The Risk Test

  1. Is someone else already working on the problem? If so, how are they doing?
    1. Besides the other person in the EdStartUp working on the same problem, there are two educational tools.  The two tools are Share My Lesson and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Teachers Pay Teachers has made news recently that a kindergarten teacher has made a million dollars selling her lessons and activities.  Share My Lesson has been increasing since they partnered with TES.
  2. If others have failed in solving the problem, why did they fail?
    1. I'm not sure if others have failed, or for that matter why they failed.  But there are many obstacles starting with getting an appropriate amount of knowledge together, to get an amount of followers, and dedicated individuals from the start to increase membership.
  3. Is there anyone who doesn't want this problem solved and can they stand in my way?
    1. There are some school districts that write their own lessons for teachers, but I cater to their needs if they are looking for differentiated materials.  I try to carter to every teacher to make the best lessons and activities. There are also particular teachers who think they have the best lessons already created or have been using the same material for years and years and think they work for every student.  The lessons posted on Think Link Ink are broad for teachers to personalize for their students.  
  4. Are there any laws or regulations that stand in my way?
    1. I don't believe there are any laws or regulations that prohibit what I am trying to do.  There might be some licensing rights, but under a GNU license teachers should be able to operate the site and be a self sufficient site.
  5. What will happen if I try to solve the problem and fail?
    1. If I fail, then I fail.  I can come up with another solution to the problem.  I am trying to put my foot in the door and help teacher to help students.  One of my favorite quotes is that if you haven't failed then your goals aren't high enough.  This applies to anything you do inside of education, I believe that great educators are ones that push the boundaries of what education actually is.

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