Math and Psychology

Some students say, "I just don't get math" and that is their excuse for not doing math well.  I was reading an article where a remedial math program at a University employed a intervention program as a psychological element.  In the article the unique program shaped the cognitive part of the program so that students can become more effective learners.

The group has certain elements set in when a student has conquered one of the parts, a group of another students may be experiencing the same problems and having a student come in and express what they did contributes to developing new learning behaviors.

In remedial classes there is a struggle of learning materials and getting students over the shock that they can learn material the way other students can requires patient and sensitive care.  Getting students to look at math differently than just working with numbers and letters is what math is really about.  It's not about who can manipulate numbers and letters to get to the correct response, but looking at math and its beauty and simplicity.  We want students to become life-long learners in mathematics.

Here is a link to the article: http://www.theglobeandmail.commath-and-psychology-together/

What if we employed more psychology in to mathematics, to see what students were thinking and doing when they think about mathematics.  We would understand what the students needs are.

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