Math Movies

There are great math movies and clips on the internet that can get your students interested in mathematics by showing them the "real drama" behind mathematics.

There is a great show on YouTube that features "Math Warriors," which is a dramatic web series that takes places with great math concepts behind them.  Its creator, Kristina Harris- has a Ph.D. in microbial biochemistry and has taught at both New York and Columbia Universities- thinks of the series as "The Big Bang" meets "The Office," if on a much tighter budget.

Harris says a growing number of public school teachers have been using the series to de-mystify math for their students. The short length of each episode, she says, makes it a good ice-breaker at the beginning of a class.
“I think often times, people feel discouraged or overwhelmed by math and science, and if we can kind of dispel the myth that it’s something that is unattainable or make it somehow more popular or accessible then that’s something I’d like to be able to do.”
You can watch the first webcast below, I recommend subscribing to the channel.

You can view other videos of theirs here:

Or you can go to their website here:

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