Things to Try in 2016

ShakeUp Learning came out with 16 things teachers should try in 2016, my goal throughout the next semester of teaching is to try all 16 things and have a blog about each one. Some I know will be easier than others like Jar of Awesome and Sketchnoting. With the purchase of a Google Cardboard and BreakOutEDU box over the holiday break will make it easier to accomplish my task. Some will take more time to implement well in the classroom, for example blogging since we are currently 1-1 with iPads. 

Wish me luck!

#7: 3D Printing: Weird Dice Part 1

I found this lesson:

By Frederico Chiavlo, he created a lesson called Weird Dice. This is a great way to get new and different dice that the students make for our upcoming statistics unit. Our 3D printer is down at our school, but found a great replacement at DoSpace in Omaha. It was a great place and would be great to take students there.

We used Morphi app to make the 3D dice, it took quite a bit of effort for the students to figure out how to make it they way they wanted. Otherwise the app works great on the iPad.

Some student examples are here: 

The next step is to get students to fill out the form on Chiavlo's website.