#7: 3D Printing: Weird Dice Part 1

I found this lesson: https://artofmathstudio.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/weird-dice/

By Frederico Chiavlo, he created a lesson called Weird Dice. This is a great way to get new and different dice that the students make for our upcoming statistics unit. Our 3D printer is down at our school, but found a great replacement at DoSpace in Omaha. It was a great place and would be great to take students there.

We used Morphi app to make the 3D dice, it took quite a bit of effort for the students to figure out how to make it they way they wanted. Otherwise the app works great on the iPad.

Some student examples are here: 

The next step is to get students to fill out the form on Chiavlo's website.

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