Beginning of the Year

As we come down to the final week before school starts, I'm getting back in the swing of waking up (semi) early, but still going to bed late. Since I am teaching three new preps my focus will be less on Algebra 2, but it is still my favorite class.

Sequence of Topics
We use Pearson Algebra 2 books, I try to follow the sequencing, but sometimes it doesn't make sense.

Chapter 1- Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
Chapter 2- Functions, Equations, Graphs
Chapter 3- Linear Systems
Chapter 4- Quadratic Functions
Chapter 5- Polynomials
Chapter 6- Radicals
Chapter 7- Probability and Statisitics
Chapter 8- Trigonometry
Chapter 9- Sequences
Chapter 10- Logarithms
Chapter 11- Rational Functions
Chapter 12- Conic Sections

First Week Activities
To start out with on the first day, not all of our students have iPads yet, so we do a Math About Me to get an easy A and start the year on a positive foot. Students need ten numbers that describe themselves and their picture in the middle or on a presentation, could be digital or paper copies. If students hand in a paper copy it goes on the wall to be my first student work of the year.

Second day I am going to start with a BreakOutEDU game, to show them that this year math will look and feel a little different, I like to focus on activities and projects!

Find better ways to use the iPad, for activities instead of presenting or worksheets.
Use time more effectively, get students use to bell to bell.
Remember that math isn't serious.

Mentioned above, but I do try to learn all my students names the first two days even though the shy ones might squeak through to the following week.

Class Set Up
I am playing around with different organization, but I think I've settled on groups of 4. 

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