Polynomial Video Games Using Floors

As we were progressing through our polynomial unit in Algebra 2 I thought looking back that the focus was on factoring polynomials and not too much on graphing polynomials. I wanted them graphing polynomials and learning about polynomials without traditionally learning about polynomials.

First, I had students go the graphing calculator on desmos.com had them enter the expression
a x^3 + b x^2 + c x + d = 0

I had them enter sliders and each one around. 

Students had to determine what a, b, c, and d did.

Then they had to find three graphs that interested them and make a video game floor based on those three graphs.  Students had to create 3 levels of a video game based on the three polynomials they graphed. By the end of the weekend they needed a playable working video game and will be peer assessed based on their video game.

Here are some of the students working on their levels.

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