3 ACT Task: Beat The Freeze: Circumference

The Situation: 
During Atlanta Braves games, one fan has a chance to race "The Freeze." Who is the first to reach the end?

Act 1: First 10 Second of the Video:

The video shows the contestant running the warning track in the outfield. It shows the lead the contestant has over "The Freeze."

Have the students discuss who they think will win.

How can we prove who will win or lose? What would we have to know in order to solve this problem? Are there properties of a baseball field that we need to know before beginning?

Act 2:
At the beginning of the video it shows the distance to the left field wall. The distance to the right field wall is 325. You can use 335 or round to 330. 

The Freeze runs at 22.5 ft/sec
The contestant runs at 19.1 ft/sec

The contestant is given an 70 foot head start.

Act 3: 
Show the full video. 

Extension Questions:
How long can The Freeze wait and still win?
What if the rates changed at the midway point?
What is the biggest lead you could give the fan and win?
If you were the contestant what strategy might you use to win?

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