#12: Podcasts

I have been an avid listener of podcasts for the past two years.  My morning commute to and from work now tops a hour both directions and the radio just wasn't cutting it.  I had heard things about a new-"ish" podcast called Serial, which is amazing, but that got me hooked.  Now instead of listening to music, I listen to things I care about on Podcasts.

The best thing about podcasts from an educators perspective is that if you are 1-1 with iPads you can download them at school and have your students listen to them at home.  In my class I had students go to Podcasts and download an episode of the Math-Dude on Graphing Parabolas, they took notes as they went along and completed a worksheet after.

There are lots of great podcasts for any classroom including history, art, and science.

Completely Optional Knowledge Podcast is a great, short podcast for interesting science questions.

Presidential provides short biographies and interesting insights on the history of presidents leading up to the election.

Stuff You Should Know is a general podcast that informs on a wide range of subjects.  There are lots of great podcasts around and new ones become available everyday.

Next year I will try to incorporate this lesson, with the walking classroom.

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