#15: Conic Section Cartoons

One of my favorite parts of the end of the year is the conic section test I give.  I give students a blank comic section of Calvin and Hobbes and they color and have to describe one of the conic sections. (Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, or Hyperbola)  They use vocabulary and teach the subject to another in 8 frames. I also gave the students a chance to make their own comic strip and got an excellent response this year.

I wanted to give students a chance to show what they know in an unique way.

I also gave students a rubric and directions.

Students had to create a comic strip that explains the thought process involved in one of the following: Parabola, Circle, Ellipse, or Hyperbola.  The comic strip should explain the characteristics of the conic section, and it should show an understanding of the process.

Here is what the rubric looked like.  I gave students two days in class to work on it and it was due by the end of the second day.

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