Block Craft 3D and Orthographic Projections

I have wanted to use Minecraft in the classroom for a couple years now, but Minecraft is a paid app and I have found a free alternative. I was surprised to find out how many already had Minecraft on their iPads already and already had made wonderful buildings.

We are using Block Craft 3D for an end of the year geometry unit to get students ready for full time Geometry. I pre-taught orthographic projection, area, perimeter, and volume.

Students were given two days to make their own building or house using the app.  Students could update and use their Minecraft creations as well.

When students create their building they have to find the sides, front, and top.  The had to take screen shots of the sides and find the orthographic projection of each side.

The final product will look something like this.  This is a great culminating project for students and also a great introduction to next year where they will be more experienced with Geometry.

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