Coding Inequalities 💻

Coding in the classroom has always been an interest to me, Hour of Code is a great resource for any teacher especially those just starting out. For the past two years we have been doing Hour of Code during the Hour of Code week and that has been the most coding we do all year. What I wanted in my classroom was more coding, because I think coding could be the future for most of my students. I also believe that coding can be a gateway to other mathematical principles that are taught in the classroom such as: growth mindset, support productive struggle, and promote reasoning and problem solving.

So we have started in the math classroom is using one day a unit to work on these skills by implementing a way for students to apply their mathematical knowledge and coding. Students are given a task write code to make a calculator to solve an inequality. Students had to write code in to write their inequality.

We were going to use Swift by my Seniors do not have the iPads supported to do it, so we decided for everyone to use Trinket. Some students really loved the problem solving aspect of coding, using the blocks to get the numbers to do what they want them to do. Other students were not happy about trial and error process to finding the answer.

I have some other upcoming units to try this out with like Pythagorean Theorem.

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