Transversal Tag 🏃

One of my favorite geometry activities I did this year was Transversal Tag. I set up the gym so it had the pattern of a transversal, like the picture below:

Students were randomly assigned a number 1-8 and then a tagger was randomly chosen. I am sure this game would have been much better to play with 3-4 taggers and play freeze tag, but we played that if you were tagged you became a tagger as well. Also if you went to the wrong area you could be tagged and become a tagger as well.

The taggers had to decide which angle congruency to say to get the most amount of people. For example, a favorite to choose was alternate exterior angles, because half of them had to run to the other side of the gym. The taggers also had to be smart about choosing ones where the runner will be going. 

Especially closer to the end of the game the taggers had to come together to talk about which one would move the most amount of people and get a specific person out.

Students used the following:
Alternate Exterior
Alternate Interior
Consecutive Interior
Linear Pair

It was a quick fun game that would have lasted longer if it was freeze tag, but the students had fun, used vocabulary, and had fun running around the gym for 20 minutes instead of being in class.

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