Graphing Polynomials Using Vases 📈🏺

Polynomials is one of the hardest sections to teach, over the past four years I have acquired different handouts, activities, lessons, and tasks for Algebra 2 students and almost no material for the section on polynomials. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials always seemed like an algebraic process and not so much visual or hands on.

Now I have one activity!!! Graphing polynomials was always tricky, but teaching quadratics before made it seem like a piece of cake for them. One of my favorites is graphing polynomials using vases, yes vases.

So to preface this I with I spent a week searching all the Goodwills in the Omaha metro area for different vases and this is basically what I found when you take all of the repeats out.

I did replace the big one in the middle and the one on the far right, well you can tell why.

The way I set this up is I provided each group a vis-a-vis marker, ruler, set of measuring cups, and a vase. Students were given the following directions:

1. they needed to mark off every inch on the outside of the glass 
2. make a table for how many mL in every inch.
3. Put the table into Desmos
4. Find the line of best fit on Desmos (I gave them the different equations)
5. Look at the R squared value to find which one is best.
6. Present your vase to the class the following day.

I had students present from their iPads, but having them create a poster would have been better so they could compare and contrast the vase with the graph to identify key attributes.

What is even better the day before the students presented they practiced with a Desmos activity. At the end of the activity students had to create their own vase and graph.

Below are some photos of my students working on their vase.

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