#8: Sketch-Noting

Sketch-noting was a blast for me and the students.  We talked about taking notes and thought sketch-noting was a powerful tool for synthesizing critical information and provide key insights on what note-taking in class looks like.  I collected most of the sketch-notes and made it a participation grade, because I wanted to see what some of them looked like.  I created a template on the board of what I would write down if I was in class and included some of the nuances of what sketch-notes were.

We used this site: http://uxmastery.com/sketchnoting-101-how-to-create-awesome-visual-notes/

To understand why some of these things pop out and make you remember.

I now realize looking back that math is a very difficult subject to try sketch-noting especially the section on radical expressions.  I gave students the option to try sketch noting on paper or use the iPad app Notability to help them.

Here is a student example:

It turned out pretty good, they got the general concept of putting things in boxes.  It was difficult to draw pictures and include thought bubbles, but for right now it is a start and will want to do this with a more user-friendly topic.

Here are some other examples:

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