#6: Voxer Chat and Buncee

It is becoming more and more difficult to find Things to Try in 2016, since I have already done things like 3D printing in my classroom last year in 2015, I won't make my students do it twice unless I can think of a really cool project.  So this week was suppose to participate in Voxer Chat.

If you haven't heard of Voxer you need to.  It is an amazing tool that allows you to communication with your voice, with text, or with pictures to one or a group of people.  I recently have gotten more involved in BreakOutEDU and designing more puzzles, but the Voxer Chat helps a tremendous amount with getting feedback instantly from a group of knowledgeable people. 

It would be interesting to get something started with a class where students can instantly communicate in your classroom or have wide staff development where they use Voxer instead of getting 25 emails a day from your colleagues. 

Second part of this is Buncee.


You can create them for your class, I used one for a bell-ringer and it really simple.  You can also have your students create them, we used them for a different lesson and used them as exit tickets.

It is really easy to use this tool with drag and drop directions.  The best part is you can include YouTube videos and make it very simple to flip your lessons if you send it to all of your students.

Here are a few of my bell-ringer examples:

The last one had a YouTube video embeded and makes it easy to push to students and have them watch a quick YouTube video explaining, in this example, square roots and have them coming to class with previous knowledge of what square roots are.

Below I had students create a Buncee for an exit ticket where students had to one for three things they learned about discriminants.

They are quick and easy for students to put together, disregarding downloading time, it took about 5 minutes for students to get use to the tool and send it to me.

Great tool and app for classroom purposes!!

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