#9: Start a YouTube Channel

I have been a big fan of YouTube and have had a channel for a while, but this week I have been using YouTube more as an outlet for students.  I took some video of a coding project we did this week, a NeSA Review assignment with QR codes, and a VideoScribe for Teacher's Guild. (Whew... it has been a busy week.

  • To start with was my BB-8 project which will be more to come, but we went over sequences and and students had to code their own sequences and find out what that sequence was.

  • My second video was actually multiple videos and put in QR codes for our NeSA Review that we have next week (during my observation).  Students will get a worksheet with different types of algebra problems and I made videos to review each type of question.

Lastly was my VideoScribe, which is becoming one of my favorite presenting apps.  It did take some time to learn, but became easier to use the more that I used it.  It was a good tool that I might have my students use later this semester.

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