Codename: Numbers

The 2016 game of the year was Codenames, but for Christmas my wife and I were given Codenames Pictures, which is an equally awesome game. The basic gameplay is that you have a partner or a group where one person gives a one word clue and a number which correlates to how many it is suppose to cover, the first one to get them all wins.  There are neutral ones and one is an assassin which ends the game.

My thought: How cool would this be if you did this with numbers.

If I made board pieces that had a bunch of different numbers, students would use one word such as: even, odd, cubic, etc... this game would help build number sense.  Since you could play it with groups of 4 it would be a great station activity.

More to come with actual student gameplay.


  1. I have never played codenames, but with all the properties of numbers that could be used, I imagine there are a number of ways this game would be beneficial to students. I wonder if there is a way that game could be made to handle a large enough set of numbers that the students in all the groups could be working on the same larger set of numbers. So each group would have it so that they have 20 names that they could actual solve with the information they have, but they also all have 5 names that can only be solved with all of the class's information. So the kids can practice with their 20 names, and then the class has to work together to think about the larger 5 names that they all have in common.

    One other thing that will come up a lot is how do students make claims about numbers, and what is the right way to express those claims? If using proper notation and language is required, then you could have a situation where students are making each other write things out clearly and mathematically correct which is always a good thing to do.

    1. That is what I was thinking, just like Desmos polygraph. Use it before, teach them some vocabulary, let them play it again and see how much easier it is.