#5: Branding: NETA 2016

This week I was swamped with school, an assessment that I will post at a later date, and with soccer starting it was a busy week.  So this week i decided to tackle "branding" which is something I am terrible at. This meant taking a risk and I decided to present at NETA 2016, which did get accepted!! Woo!

So I will be presenting at NETA my session is called: Apps and Tools for Math Instruction

Here is the Description:  Making sure all students know the day's information is important. We will cover apps and web 2.0 to help students learn using technology from the beginning of the class until late at night.

I am currently working on the presentation and handouts, which is incredibly more complex teaching teachers than students.

I used Canva to create the presentation and I think will make the handout with the same app and create an infographic. 

We will see how it goes, I put in to present at another conference the NNNC Summer Tech Institute.

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