My Summer Goals

With the summer now in full swing, now would be a good time to jot down some summer plans to try to make sure some of these plans get done.  Since last summer I got married and bought a house it was difficult to get anything done during the summer.  Now I have no excuses!
  • Find ways of incorporating Scratch (or regular programming) into my curriculum.
  • In my end of the year survey students asked for more activities where they could talk, incorporating debates would be a great way to get students talking about math.
  • Find more ways of including my Algebra 2 curriculum and financial literacy together.
  • Read more books.  I am way behind my goal this year and the summer should be a good time to pick it up.  Actually, I just finished Uncommon Learning: Creating Schools that Work for Kids by Eric C. Sheninger which was good way to kick off the summer.
  • Find 5 projects that students can do for a new PBL course and set up a timeline for each.
  • Incorporate these items.
    • Clash Royale
    • Google Maps
    • Holograms
    • SnapChat
  • Find a pre-employment test that includes mathematics.
  • Create 2 more BreakOutEDU box games, see if I can create a digital one too!
  • Implement new Bell-Ringer questions with ACT Prep Questions.
  • Get A's in my 3 2 graduate classes.
Now that I am writing all of these out this seems like a more daunting task than I originally thought. I will keep blogging this summer about tools and resources I find.

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