#1: BreakOutEDU

My first project of 2016 of things teachers should try in 2016 is BreakOutEDU.  I received a breakout box for Christmas and have been spending my time creating a puzzle for the upcoming unit of Pythagorean Theorem.  It took me a couple of days to put together all the materials and story, but finally Pythagoras Last Theorem was created.  

Students had a blast getting into the box and made them think in different ways. 

Students had a great time, I did it with three periods two groups got out wit 10 minutes and 5 minutes left.  One group didn't get out and it made for a good conversation about working hard and persevering through difficulty. I am looking forward to creating my next project for students.

It was a great experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Check out this link to learn more and get your own box:


  1. Would you mind sharing this or have you put it on the Breakout edu site?

    1. Should be on there... its called Pythagoras' Last Theorem