#2: Join A Community

So the actual goal was to join a Google+ Community. I did in fact join some Google+ communities and it has changed quite a bit since I have been there, but it is still not living up to the hype that Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms have to communicate in a community atmosphere. So instead I just joined a regular community outside of Google+, which is The Teachers Guild.

The Guild is a professional community that activates teachers’ creativity to solve the biggest challenges in education today. While learning and doing design thinking, teachers build their creative muscle and connect to diverse partner organizations who are committed to bringing their solutions to life. So The Teachers guild uses a problem solving approach to tackle some of the biggest problems in education. 

Here is an example of each phase:

In each phase you collaborate with others and refine your product till polished.

Some of the problems that have already been tackled and have great solutions for are:
1. How might we create rituals and routines that establish a culture of innovation in our classrooms and schools?
2. How might we spark curiosity?
3. How might we reimagine professional learning so that we continue to grow, feel inspired, and have the greatest impact on our students?
The one they are currently working on: How might we create programs, processes, and tools to provide ongoing support to all students on their journey to and through college?

They have provided a great community of educators and administrators who see eye to eye on education and the movement education should have moving forward.  Plus, they have a book club!!

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