#4: Jar of Awesome

Jar of awesome is a simple idea that has a big impact.  There are a few different ways of doing Jar of Awesome, for example my jar has things that I do that encourage me to keep pushing myself and powerful engagement with students.  The next example, my wife, she did Jar of Awesome with her students and when students do something awesome they put it in the jar. 

They are really easy to make with just a mason jar and some simple decorations.

Mine is very simple with paper and a mason jar. 


Once again they are incredibly easy to make and implement into your classroom.  Your students will be intrigued and want to read them all. This is one of Shake's Up Learning Top 16 for teachers to try in 2016 top classroom positive influences. 

Here are a few things I wrote down on a few of my entries in my jar of awesome:

I would definitely recommend it for any classroom.

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