#3: Google Cardboard

My students had a blast with using Google Cardboard.  We used the cardboard app and my iPhone to take students to Paris, Venice, and around the world.  It would have been easy to give a worksheet, but giving students the chance to see trigonometry and how they might use it in their life was worth it.  

Here what the students were seeing when they put the glasses on:

Students got to see different places on the world that they might not have seen before and got to do some math in the process.  In the first problem one person reads the prompt that tells hem where they are and what they are seeing.  Then they are prompted to look to the top of the Eiffel Tower while the student measures the degree of elevation from the ground.  Then students use trigonometry to find how far or close they are.

Here are some students in action:

They had four questions total, but having only 1 Google Carboard became an issue, students had a tough time waiting working on another assignment.

Here is a picture of the worksheet I gave, I will try to get the link on here:

Link for the worksheet is here and you can edit the document:

If it doesn't work, just let me know.


  1. Thank you. I ordered some cardboard for my grade 7-8 class. I will use this. Am I to presume you used YouTube 360 videos or did you use Google expeditions?

    1. I used the "Cardboard" App and used the demos that come with the app.